Papas Freezeria

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Papas Freezeria – yet another magnificent game from Papa’s restaurant management game series. Main Characters Penny / Alberto run a small beach restaurant “Papa’s Freezeria”. Like in most Papa games, in Papas Freezeria you have a mini game interface with 4 stations: Order Station, Build Station, Mix Station and a Top Station. Penny or Alberto (whichever you select) will take orders from customers and begin cooking. Whenever the order is received, player gets notification of ingredients needed to prepare it. Full instructions of how to manage the cooking process, mixing and serving is provided in-game through the in-game tutorial. Basically, all it takes is to follow instructions by clicking the according buttons. You can’t go wrong with the order, it just won’t accept anything other than needed ingredient.

Craft Ice Creams in Papa’s Freezeria


Instead of meals, in Freezeria you make Ice Creams, Parfe and that kind sweet stuff. When the order is served, customer will rate your work in points. It is strongly recommended to go follow instructions provided and read everything through if this is your first “Papa Games” experience. The game looks nice, better than Vinegeria or Burgeria. So, if you’re into cooking flash games and decorating games, Freezeria is the one! Good luck, have fun.

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Some more Papa game series coming guys, so make sure you share us on your Facebook walls;  Pancakeria and some more awesome games; check back often for latest games. The List of Games We’re Planning to Publish on 1. Papa’s Freezeria 2, Papas Hotdogeria, Papa Louie’s Freezeria, Papa’s Freezeria Cool Math, Papa’s Taco Mia, Papa’s Pizzeria, Papa’s Burgeria

Papas Freezeria, 4.9 out of 5 based on 11 ratings

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